A Journey Beyond Sleep! 

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Sleep without Sleep Training


We believe that all babies know how to sleep! Realistic expectations, culture, society and parenting practices often create barriers that prevent the natural process of sleep. Knowing what normal sleep looks like and how it matures is important when making decisions on sleep solutions. Family dynamics play a significant role in how we parent our children. We no longer live in a world where mothers stay home for the first three years and sleep may become a priority for your family sooner rather than later. By making small changes to ourselves as parents and adjusting the environment we can remove the barriers that get in the way of healthy sleep habits and promote consolidated night sleep for our children.

Controlling the conditions, not the child is the process of sleep without sleep training. By first addressing the needs and supporting emotional development from an early age, we can find the root of the problem and figure out what's driving the behavior, making changes from the inside out. This is the next generation of sleep coaching. Emotionally supportive, responsive parenting, attuned to babies and toddlers needs, focused on creating connection instead of disconnection and balancing sleep science. Building stronger relationships that promote emotional safety and security for extended sleep. When we choose to look deeper, beyond behavior and trust that sleep is a natural process, the solution is clear.

Blending sleep science with the practice of conscious parenting, working on emotional safety and down-regulation through syncronized parenting practices. Sleep without sleep training provides lasting results that not only changes the way your baby or child will sleep but the way you parent your child. Parenting in the first three years builds the emotional foundation for lifelong relationships and sets the stage for emotional intelligence. 

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